Die Geschichte der Gründung von Ruptown

The history of the founding of Ruptown

Many people dream of starting their own business and implementing their ideas. For us, Danijel & Marko, this dream became a reality when we decided to start a fashion brand. Although the fashion sector is highly competitive, we were convinced of our vision and our concept.

We had the idea of ​​offering fashionable and at the same time affordable clothing aimed at a younger audience. We felt there was a gap in the fashion industry for a brand that focuses on sustainability and quality while remaining affordable .... thus Ruptown was born.


Establishing a new fashion brand is always associated with many challenges. We started educating ourselves about the different aspects of the fashion industry & e-commerce and researching how best to implement our idea. We have decided to be the first to sell oversized t-shirts !

From the start we made sure to do as much as possible ourselves to ensure we have complete control over our brand.

Here are some of the areas in which we have engaged ourselves:

  • Competitor Analysis: We have conducted extensive research into the competition to ensure we differentiate ourselves from other brands and have a unique position in the market.
  • Logo & motif designs: We invested a lot of time in their design so that our logos and motifs fit our brand and stand out from the crowd. We wanted to guarantee that they reflect our company values ​​and identity and leave a lasting impression on our customers.
  • Photoshoots: We have decided to organize our own photoshoots. This gave us the opportunity to be creative and implement our own ideas. Plus we saved ourselves money. We're curious to see how you like the results.
  • Creation of the online shop: We decided to create our own online shop to offer our t-shirts. We have the opportunity to design the shop according to our wishes and ideas. We look forward to sharing our t-shirts with the world.
  • Marketing: In order to make our brand better known, we decided to focus on social media and online marketing. This gives us the opportunity to connect with a wide audience and promote our brand through different platforms and advertising opportunities.
  • Funding: We have funded our business ourselves to ensure we have enough money to build and grow our business.

Here is a small excerpt of our first attempt to create product photos of t-shirts:

Ruptown's first collection

After deciding on a certain style, we started working on our first collection. We have worked hard on every detail to ensure that the t-shirts are of high quality and that they are in line with the latest trends.

In addition, the company should not further harm our planet and its inhabitants. That's why sustainability and ecological work are important to us!

We're excited to see how people like the tees, but we've already had some positive feedback!

We are looking forward to the start of sales & will share our development with you! :)

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