About Ruptown

Who or what is Ruptown?

We at Ruptown are a newly founded fashion brand from Salzburg, which is aimed at young and trend-conscious people who love and live streetwear.

Our goal is to offer our customers fashionable and comfortable clothing that underlines their individual style and is easy to wear at the same time. We attach great importance to quality, sustainability and fairness in all areas of our work.

The Story of Ruptown:

Ruptown came out of nothing. Within a few months, a fleeting idea became a company:

In the summer of 2022, a chance conversation between two friends at the lido turned into a vision - Ruptown was born.

Learn more about the history of Ruptown Streetwear here.

Our streetwear products:

Ruptown has set itself the goal of offering a wide range of streetwear fashion. T-shirts are currently available.

In the course of the year, further items of clothing such as hoodies and accessories will be added.

Sustainability & Environment:

At Ruptown, we not only pay attention to environmentally friendly materials in production and transport, but also support fair working conditions. Find out more about Ruptown & sustainability here.

Which values ​​are important to us:


Sustainability & regionality

respect and transparency

social commitment