Weiße Tennissocken von Ruptown mit Logo in einer Kiste

The white socks with logo - Ruptown Streetwear

In this blog article we would like to introduce you to our brand new socks.

We pride ourselves on offering a fashion accessory that anyone can wear. At a time when tennis socks are particularly popular, we decided to create a collection that appeals to both men and women . Our white socks go perfectly with different styles and are ideal to combine with our Ruptown oversized shirts .

Now let's dive deeper into how we came up with this idea, who our target audience is, where to wear the socks and what makes them so special. You will also get tips for care.

Why Ruptown tennis socks?

We wanted to offer a fashion accessory that anyone can wear. Since tennis socks are currently very popular, it was obvious to design our own sock collection. We want to give people the opportunity to dress stylishly and comfortably while being trendy.

What makes the socks special?

Our socks impress with their simplicity and the unique Ruptown logo and above all with their comfort . We deliberately avoided excessive embellishments to create a timeless design that goes with any outfit. However, the Ruptown logo gives the socks a special touch.

In addition, we have placed special emphasis on maximum comfort. We know how important it is that socks are comfortable to wear all day long. That's why we chose high-quality cotton as the main material. Not only do they feel soft and comfortable on the skin, they are also durable and hard-wearing. We use carefully selected cotton fibers that offer an optimal balance between softness and durability . So you can be sure that our socks will keep their shape even after many washes and will give you long-term pleasure.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​offering socks?

Many boys & girls are currently wearing socks in different styles. We've found that white socks look particularly good paired with our Ruptown Oversized Shirts.

White socks from Ruptown combined with Ruptown Oversized Tee Basic in black

The combination of socks and shirts gives the look a casual and trendy touch. The positive feedback we received from our customers encouraged us to create our own collection of socks.

Who is the target group?

Originally, our sock collection was only intended for men . However, we quickly noticed that women also find our socks very appealing and like to wear them!
Men like to wear our socks with different styles, such as: flat sneakers & short pants, or with jogging pants.
While women prefer to pair them with matching sneakers or leggings. Our socks are versatile and suit every individual style.

Where can you wear the Ruptown socks?

You can really wear our Ruptown socks anywhere. They are perfect for a stroll through the city, everyday life at school or university, or even for sporting activities. Due to their high level of comfort, they are also ideal for relaxing at home. No matter where you are, our socks will give you the comfort you need while enhancing your look.

Care instructions for the white socks

To keep your Ruptown white cotton socks sparkling white and in shape, wash after wash, it's important to take proper care of them. Here are some tips on how to best wash and dry your socks:

  • Separate socks: Always wash white socks separately from colored or dark-colored clothing. This prevents dye transfer to the socks and preserves their whiteness.

  • Use a mild detergent: Choose a mild detergent suitable for delicate fabrics. Avoid bleach, as it can weaken the cotton fibers and yellow the socks.

  • Pay attention to the washing temperature: Pay attention to the washing temperature. As a rule, a washing temperature of 30-40 degrees Celsius is sufficient for white cotton socks.

  • Gentle cycle: When washing, use a gentle cycle to protect the socks. Avoid spinning too hard as this can affect the shape of the socks.

  • Air dry the socks: To preserve the shape and whiteness of the socks, we recommend air drying them. Hang them up in a well-ventilated place, preferably on a clothesline. Avoid using the tumble dryer, as the heat can damage the cotton fibers and shrink the socks.

  • Stain treatment : If your white cotton socks have stubborn stains, we recommend a stain treatment first. Use a mild stain remover and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

White tennis socks from Ruptown Streetwear

FAQ's about white socks:

Can I wash my white cotton socks with other clothes?

It is recommended to wash white cotton socks separately from colored or dark colored garments to avoid dye transfer and keep socks white.

Is it safe to tumble dry my white cotton socks?

It is best to air dry white cotton socks to preserve their shape and whiteness. The tumble dryer can damage the cotton fibers and cause discoloration.

How do I treat stubborn stains on my white socks?

Stubborn stains on white socks require special treatment methods. Begin by immediately rinsing the stain with cold water and blotting away excess liquid. Use an appropriate stain remover for the type of stain and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Alternatively, you can try natural home remedies like a baking soda and water paste or a vinegar and water mixture. Let the product work for a few minutes and then wash the socks as usual. For stubborn stains, soaking the socks before washing is recommended.

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