Für wen ist Ruptown Streetwear gedacht?

Who is Ruptown streetwear for?

The new streetwear brand Ruptown from Austria is aimed at young people and young adults who live in cities that focus on sustainability and timeless design.

Behind the brand are two young founders who grew up in cities themselves and know the challenges and wishes of young people in this environment. They have set themselves the goal of offering clothing that is comfortable and durable, but also fashionable and trendy and, in addition, affordable!

Adolescents and young adults in big cities can experience various problems and challenges, such as:

  1. High Cost of Living : In many large cities, rents and the cost of living are higher than in rural areas, which can be a burden for youth and young adults, who often have low incomes.
  2. High pressure to perform: There is often high pressure to perform in cities, especially in relation to education and careers. Adolescents and young adults feel pressured to be successful in order to stand out from the competition.
  3. Lack of leisure opportunities: There are often few green spaces and leisure facilities in urban living areas, which can be a limitation for adolescents and young adults who like to be outside or play sports.
  4. Bullying and Violence: There are often higher rates of bullying and violence among young people because they meet in larger groups and there is less social control. Violence and bullying can quickly escalate, especially on social media.
  5. Isolation and loneliness: Especially due to Corona, there were often fewer opportunities for social contacts and community, which can make teenagers and young adults feel lonely and isolated.

It is important to note that these issues do not apply to all adolescents and young adults and that there are many positive aspects of urban lifestyles as well.

Sustainability and quality at Ruptown: timeless design and environmentally friendly action

In order not to further strain our planet, Ruptown uses environmentally friendly action in its work, for example: with natural fibers such as organic cotton, among other things.

    The design of Ruptown clothing is timeless and modern at the same time, making it suitable for different occasions and styles. For now only oversized t-shirts are offered - you can choose between a basic shirt & a graphic tee .

    The founders of Ruptown not only want to offer a fashionable alternative for young people in big cities, but also make a contribution to protecting the environment. They hope customers will appreciate their commitment to sustainability and quality, and are committed to Ruptown becoming a brand that represents responsibility and style.

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